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Toccare is a medical device measuring and displaying Oxygen saturation value (rSO2) and total hemoglobin index (T – Hbl) of the tissue touched by the examiner’s finger.
Toccole (KN – 15)
measures non-invasively the oxygenation status of living tissue of about 5 mm deep from the body surface using infrared ray that does not affect the living body.
Usage is to fix the Toccare’s body with the belt to the top of the forearm of the consultant and put the sensor probe to the index finger so that the light source / photo diode part come to the finger belly.
Press and hold the power switch to turn on the power. After the calendar is displayed for 10 seconds, the measurement is started.
When the sensor probe is touched with the human body,
rSO2 (Regional Saturation of Oxygen)
and T-HbI (Total Hemoglobin index)
are measured and displayed.
During measurement, pressing the power switch briefly interrupts the measurement, press again briefly to resume the measurement.
“PAUSE” is displayed when measurement is interrupted.
rSO2 Oxygen saturation: 0 to 99%
T-HbI total hemoglobin index :0 to 1.0.
Toccale is characterized by attaching a sensor probe to the finger of a consultant and measuring the value with touching the patient. Compared to the conventional method of attaching a sensor probe to a patient, blood oxygen saturation and hemoglobin content at the touched part are displayed in real time, which is useful for early diagnosis of various diseases.